Enhance Your Offices with Asphalt Repair Grand Rapids


Asphalt Repair Grand Rapids is an extremely cost effective option to spruce up the asphalt at business or residential premises. Depressions and cracked areas in the asphalt render it an unsightly and old appearance which can be fixed by using the numerous repair services available.

Service providers offer an array of repair and maintenance services of seal coating, asphalt patching, striping and crack filling.  The finest grade coal tar sealer is used by companies that match the federal government specifications.  Sand mix and latex modifier are used to ensure high quality appearance. Asphalt maintenance extends the life span of asphalt and protects it from oxidation, and from the effects of salt, rain, gasoline, oil, snow and other chemicals.

Useful repair techniques

Seal coating is one of the important methods that can be deployed to protect the Asphalt. Over time, the penetration of water enlarges the cracks and the freeze thaw cycles add to the breakdown. Oil and gas leaks soften the asphalt, giving it an uncared and unsightly look.

The sealer protects the asphalt from the damage inducing UV rays and liquid penetration. Cracks in the asphalt allow water to penetrate into the surface and cause the gravel under the asphalt to soften. This leads to multiple cracking in the base. The freeze thaw effects in winters also add to the cracking as the water and moisture trapped beneath the surface expands when frozen and pressurizes the asphalt. Hot rubber crack filling is known to slow down the process and adds to the seal coating effect. Asphalt repair Grand Rapids provides these repair services with regular monitoring.

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